How To Catch Bass In Hot Weather | BEST NEW BAIT for Summertime!

If you want to know how to catch bass in hot weather here’s one great way shown in this video. On this hot summer day Hiroshi Nishine from start Nishine Lure Works Johns ne while we test his new 1/2 flat bottom soft plastic design. This bait is brilliant because it’s easy to use, easy to cast and you can rig it 100 different ways! Because as use if it’s design it allowed me to cast with pin point accuracy into small dark difficult places where the bass hide and can help anyone catch bass in hot weather! I'll another video this fall where i'll do a how to catch bass in cold water with the same bait, the locations may vary as well as the rigging style of the Namazu. For now I hope you enjoy this vid and that it helps you how to catch bass in lakes in the dog days of Summer! 

The good news is that the Namazu will be in all our subscribers boxes next month!

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