Best Canadian Pike Lures, Bass Lures and Ice Fishing Lures-Lightning Series Lures- A Forgotten Gem



This month repeat subscribers will be getting some of the best Canadian Pike lures and Bass Lures as well as some other multi-species baits made by Lightning Series Lures. In the Lightning Series Lures Box will likely receive Swimjigs, Lightning Shads, Shaky Head jigs, Lightning Series Spinnerbaits, Lightning Series Shoaldigger jigs and if you're lucky you might get a one of kind hand tied Crappie Jig made by the creator Tony Steinfeld ( Peterborough, Ontario ).  The only way you can get these baits these days is through emailing Tony direct the current prices are on his website are scheduled to change and have not been updated. Hopefully the angling world will see resurgence in in this great Canadian fishing brand.



What Colors Do Pike See Best?

When it comes to color, bright is certainly the way to go. Yellow, chartreuse, white and orange will all work well for the skirt, while silver, orange and chartreuse lead the way for the blades.  You will likely find this "pikey" colors this month. But these colours are just all round fish catchers regardless.

Best Lures For Trout

One of the Canadian Lures for trout is made by Lightning Series Lures.  The Gravedigger is the best in its class made in the highest grade. This month you will receive either a 1/8oz or 1/16 oz Gravedigger.  These are great for ice fishing and open water trout fishing but are also amazing for vertical style fishing for panfish and walleye.  

Best Swim Jig 2020

Supposedly these are best jigs of 2020 with no mention of Lightning Series Swim Jig. At TBL we love bringing you the underground gems that have gone under the radar.  

The flipping jig from Lightning Series Lures has all the right stuff to help you land that trophy bass. Gamakatsu Hooks, rattles, silicone skirt and heavy weed guards to be able to drop it right into the thickest, snag infested areas the bass love. Tie one on, fish it and hang on.


  1. BiCO Original Jig
  2. Terminator Pro’s Jig
  3. Booyah Boo Jig
  4. Reaction Tackle Tungsten Flipping Jigs
  5. Mythik Lures Rock Crawler Tungsten Football Jig
  6. Strike King Tour Grade Swim Jigs Bait
  7. Advantage Bait Company Heavy Mat Jig
  8. Terminator Finesse Jig





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