39hrs Standings: Team Tackle Box Lottery Sitting in Second!

39hrs Standings after Episode 2

Paul Castellano and Taro Murata are currently sitting in second place on the Live Target Leaderboard with three strong points.  Their "garbage" pattern as Taro calls it seems to be a great strategy so far.  The two of them have been targeting the "other" species in Paul's backyard ( Niagara Region/ South Shore Lake Ontario ) where Paul grew up fishing.  Paul definitely has the hot hand right now and it doesn't look like its going to fizzle out anytime soon.  Taro has added 1 point with a massive 19.75" gizzard shad caught on 2" Kalin's Triple Threat Grub.


Paul has two points with a monster 36" Carp also caught on 2" Kalin's Triple Threat Grub.

 Paul also has a point for the monster 31" Drum caught on a Chartreuse Kalin's Maribou Jig.  

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